What we do

What we do

Professional referrals

We will refer the individual to qualified professionals who specialize in therapeutic treatment for further assistance and support.

Support groups

Every individual undergoing treatment will receive our dedicated attention and support through personal connection and/or group dynamics. Our organization establishes support groups for individuals, as well as for their parents and spouses, to provide a comprehensive network of support during their journey.

Public information

We provide schools, parents, rabbis, yeshivot, and pre-army academies (mechinot) with comprehensive and detailed information on topics such as sexual orientation, homosexuality, addiction, and more. Our materials are carefully crafted to align with Jewish family values.

First responders

We provide an initial response to individuals who are struggling, as well as their families. We offer assistance in addressing any hesitations and provide honest and informative support.

Staff training

Our organization offers extensive training sessions that equip teachers and educators with valuable tools to effectively address matters related to sexual orientation within their student body or community.

Advisory framework

We establish a comprehensive framework for consultation and support, specifically designed to assist the families of individuals facing these challenges. This includes parents, siblings, children, and spouses, ensuring that everyone involved receives the necessary guidance and assistance.